Chels :)

This has been on my mind lately…

Honestly, I just wish you recognized that you were wrong. I trusted you with every facet of my life, not the me that people only see for a few hours a day, but the 24/7 me, the gritty not always pleasant me, the vulnerable me, the me I don’t show to just anyone. Not only did you go behind my back, but you exploited my weakest points. I know no one is the best friend all the time, I will admit that I have never and will never be the perfect definition of a friend, but you took advantage of the walls I let down, you let people know things I never wanted anyone to know about me. I don’t know if I am more mad that you pretended to be my best friend or that you won’t even admit to the wrong you do. At this point, even if you did admit it and apologize, my heart is too jaded to ever let you in again. I should have known… but I guess I was too naive. It wasn’t all bad, maybe that is why I held on for so long. I don’t wish bad upon you or for you. I hope that you are always happy, your relationship does well, and that no one ever treats you the way you treated me. 

If you don’t ever confront me about it, trust me I will never talk about it again. That doesn’t mean everything is good between us because it isn’t. But, I will not waste another minute of my time thinking about this. I have two jobs, an online store, family, Ian, and friends that are worth my time. 

If you don’t come to me… then I guess this is the end. 

You’re still the one that I love

The only one I dream of

You’re still the one I kiss goodnight <3

"So I won’t go 

He can’t do it on his on

If this ain’t love then what is?

We’re willing to take the risk” <3